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In 1973, in Australia, a group of surfers gathered for another day of adventure, friendship, and adrenaline. Bear, LP, Mason, Brownie and George and their friends, a testosterone – amped community of surfers and bikers, live on the dangerous side of the law, both by choice and necessity. But what happens the next day has nothing to do with surfing. A chance discovery is about to change their lives – and end a few lives.


At a Bora Ring, an ancient Aboriginal ceremonial site in outback Queensland, a Scroll waits to be found. But in the discovery, each man faces his own curiosity. Has the Dreamtime seeped into the world? Can they trust Tibrogargan, Brownie’s ancient Dreamtime ancestor? What message are the women trying to share, and are the women even real?


That night, the men find more questions than answers. Their quest for understanding takes them on a four-decade journey of exploration around the world. Mysticism, spiritualism, drugs, sex, and violence are but distractions in their quest to save the Scroll. In the year 2010, the Scroll will give up one of its many secrets – and when one of the men realises that his participation in the quest was foretold by Nostradamus himself, they will all learn that their adventure is far from over.


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