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About Me

Lewis Philips is my pen name, and when I am not writing; family, friends, work colleagues and business clients call me Phil (Philip Lewis). I published my first short story – Past, Present, Future – in America in 2010. I followed up with the sequel – Image of the Past – self published in 2011 by my publishing company; Lewis Philips Signature Books.
In 2012, I finished writing – New Amsterdam, New York, New Babylon Falls. And combined these stories into one book titled – I am the 0ne. I plan to promote this book throughout 2014. I have two more books rattling around in my head and when the time comes to put pen to paper, I will be using strategies revealed in my eBook – Write Fast and Finish an eBook in Ten Days.


My eBook library [ ] promotes over 300 authors writing on diverse subjects that you might find of interest. If you download one of these books, request a FREE download of one of my books from –


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Get to know me through my eBooks, novel and follow me, if you wish, on Twitter @LewisPhilips1. I have a keen interest in photography, probably so, since I work in the calendar manufacturing industry. I find Twitter an avenue to record my daily photographs to share with my followers and link to my Facebook – Lewis Philips.



Don’t wait! Follow your dreams and learn from my eBooks, and browse my eBook library for a variety of titles. These books will help you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, sooner rather than later. Start with – Making Money Online Explained and receive a bonus download of – Karma Manifesto: How to Apply Eastern Growth Philosophy to Your Business.


My gift today, for visiting my website is a FREE download of a recent photograph taken at Uluru on a trip across Australia in 6 days (5,500km). Watch the rock change colour when sunlight strikes it. Simply print and be amazed! If it doesn’t download, request by email.


If you like what you see and read, tell friends, if not request a refund.

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Image of the Past eBook

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BOOK 1- Past Present Future.

BOOK 2 - Image of the Past.

BOOK 3 - New Amsterdam - New York - New Babylon Falls.