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image of the past

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The premise for this book you are about to read may change how you perceive reality and have you questioning; is this book more than fiction? Book 1 is based on stories told around campfires and BBQs of the early seventies and leading up to New Year’s Eve 2009. Although these stories became exaggerated and distorted over time, or just plain fiction delivers a plotline that will keep readers riveted. Book 2 continues the story where LP now becomes the main character in the novel, expecting to find inspiration on a mountain peak seventy clicks out from Christchurch, New Zealand, the year 2011. Book 3 finishes the trilogy in New York over Easter 2012, completing the journey to save and deliver the Scroll.

Of the many stories embedded in the plotline, there is one occurrence that is rarely repeated, simply because it was too unbelievable, yet true! So in part this book delivers "The Scroll" containing the Image and Mantra that evolved from that event. The book was also written based on the numbers; zero, one, twenty-three and coincidence.

Join the journey as darkness envelopes a narrow pathway lined with Weeping Willows. Lighting strikes, in the distance, reveals an old Queenslander crying out for renewal. Now the scene is set for this group of young misfits to start their journey on the banks of Enoggera Creek, Newmarket, Brisbane. Here their lives will change forever. Not all will live to tell the tale of their adventure. Find out who will fulfil the prophecy described by Nostradamus when you read –

Image of the Past.


Lewis Philips


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The Scroll
Mt Tibrogargan
Mt Coonowrin
Mt Beerwah
Bora Ring - Location North West of the Octagon Tower.

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